Silencio- Arvo Part, Philip Glass, Vladimir Martynov

1. Tabula Rasa: I. Ludus — Con moto (Arvo Pärt)
2. Tabula Rasa: II. Silentium — Senza moto (Arvo Pärt)
3. Company for String Orchestra: Movement I (Philip Glass)
4. Company for String Orchestra: Movement II (Philip Glass)
5. Company for String Orchestra: Movement III (Philip Glass)
6. Company for String Orchestra: Movement IV (Philip Glass)
7. “Come In!”: Movement I (Vladimir Martynov)
8. “Come In!”: Movement II (Vladimir Martynov)
9. “Come In!”: Movement III (Vladimir Martynov)
10. “Come In!”: Movement IV (Vladimir Martynov)
11. “Come In!”: Movement V (Vladimir Martynov)
12. “Come In!”: Movement VI (Vladimir Martynov)
13. Darf ich (Arvo Pärt)

The Anaconda needs to go away

This shit needs to stop. I watched the video, listened to the song and watched the video again. This is downright pretentious and frivulous. No one, not hip hop or men or nobody is taking nothing away from black women or curves or booty or nuthin. Just stfu already. Okay, you have a booty- fantastic. Beyond that, stop trying to attach Stupid sexo-social commentary because it’s downright dumb.

It’s not revolutionary, sampling baby got back isn’t fresh and bragging about your ability to fuck some dude to sleep isnt as interesting as you might think it is. I watched Flylo’s parisian goldfish video before I could probably interpret what that shit was about- I know fucked up and interesting. Do you really think im gonna watch this shit and buy into the hype thats its shocking? Nope. That its rebellious? Nope. That it empowers females to love their bodies? Nope, if anything you denounce ‘skinny bitches’ and embrace having a part of your body that anyone can just have surgically made to be like.

This track does no service to anyone but Nicki and the people that run her shit. Anyone caught up in it must seriously be confused. Its a video about ass and the world loses its fucking mind. breaking the music video hit record on youtube? I think that there alone is proof no one was ever trying to take ass away from media, its every fucking where- black or white, fat or not. Stop this shit.